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M16 Grunt or Cerakote

M16 Grunt or Cerakote

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Introducing the M16 Grunt. We took the best performing charcoal grill on the planet and stripped it down of all the shiny stainless. No fancy stainless steel exterior, no worries of scratching, discoloring, or getting dirty. The M16 has been the cooking tool for multiple World Champion Steak Cookers, is the chosen grill of many other cooking competition champions, and used by the best backyard grillers in the neighborhood. 

The M16 Grunt is made of 12 gauge raw carbon steel, welded solid and built tough. To keep this grill looking fresh, we recommend a light coating of linseed oil to season the exterior. 
We also offer the option to Cerakote your M16 to give it your personal touch as well as offer a layer of protection.  Cerakote is an industry leading thin ceramic coating used in firearm, aerospace, automotive and many other applications.

With our folding/height adjustable cart to go along with it, there are no reasons not take it to backyards, tailgates, and the competition cooking circuit. The cart also features a thick 12 gauge raw carbon steel top with black powder coated legs. Its built to take some serious abuse. 

All M Grills Products are American made, right here in the heartland.  


*Black powder coated handles and lid straps.  
*Heavy duty charcoal basket designed for optimum airflow and performance. 
*Complete Set of 4 GRILLGRATE Brand Panels with Spatula. 
*Tel-Tru Thermometer. 

Performance: The M16 is the go to grill for World Champion Steak Cookers and Competition BBQ cooks across the world. 


Airflow: The M16’s QUAD Damper system is vastly different from the competition. The placement of the Dual Bottom Dampers are strategically located on the sides of the bottom base and underneath the charcoal basket. This unique design allows airflow to never being blocked by charcoal, ash, or debris and allowing a constant, even flow of clean air underneath the entire basket of hot coals. This eliminates unwanted temperature spikes in various wind conditions. 

The Lid features Dual exhaust dampers, one on each side to allow heat to pass around your food instead of dampers placed on top of the lid which allows heat to exit directly over your food. This style of damper design allows free flowing heat to travel over your food, for a more even cook. By having full control of all 4 dampers on top and bottom allows more complete even coverage of heat over the entire cooking area. 

Gasket Sealed: The M16 is precision made with a gasket sealed lid. This gasket seal is vital in precision temperature control. This keeps all heat inside and allows the dampers to do all of the work. Even the smallest of gaps can lead to unwanted gusts of air into your cooking chamber or heat escaping. A charcoal grill of competition caliber should completely have the dampers do all of the work. 

Damper Size: The M16’s dampers are far larger than anything you have ever seen on a charcoal grill. These large dampers can be choked down to very slow moving airflow or opened up for high heat fast flowing. The airflow on the M16 can rival those of much larger offsets. This changes everything when it comes to color, moisture, and flavor of your food. 

Built to Last: The M16 is built from 12 gauge mild steel or 12 gauge 316 stainless steel with heavy duty 12 gauge steel charcoal baskets. The M16’s 12 gauge construction is completed welded solid. This thick steel is critical in heat retention and durability.  You will not find a piece of cheap plastic or plated parts on the M16. 

It’s a World Class Charcoal Grill and Smoker: The M16 is not only a World Champion Grilling Machine, it’s also a bonafide smoker. The thick steel, gasket sealed lid, and precision damper control will allow you to smoke efficiently with a minimum amount of charcoal. You have full control over the dampers to draft left or right.

Portability: The M16 can easily be broken down for competitions or simply tailgating with your friends. The Lid features two stainless steel hinges that allow you to slide it off the base to lighten your load for easy transporting. Quickly remove the charcoal basket and ash pan for an even lighter load. 

GrillGrate Brand Panels Standard: You heard that right! The M16 was the first charcoal grill to come standard with GrillGrate brand panels. GrillGrates are designed for no flare ups, even heat, perfect sear marks and are completely reversible to use as a flat top surface! The M16 also has 1/4” thick 304 stainless steel grates available! 

Cerakote M16's come standard in Sniper Gray color.

 All New Folding M16 Stand

The M16 is available with a folding stand that features 2 adjustable heights and can easily collapse to save some serious space in your truck or trailer. This stand features a powder coated black heavy duty steel top with stainless tubing handle. Black powder coated square tubing legs and 2 wheels for easy rolling. Purchase the M16 with or without the stand.


Lid Total Dimensions:
20.28" width : 19.25" length (including handle) : 10.5" height : Weight 28 lbs
Bottom Total Dimensions:
26.75" width (including handles) : 16" length : 10" height : Weight 39 lbs
Removable Coal Basket:
17.25" width : 12" length : 3.5" height : Weight 19 lbs
Removable Ash Pan:
15.5" width : 8.5" length : 1.5" height : Weight 2lbs
Grate Height with lid open from the ground: 34"
Total Cooking Surface: 275
Total Weight of Grill: 88 lbs

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