M Grills are THE high performance grilling tool chosen by World Champions along with the most respected competition barbecue and steak cook-off teams in the world. 


There are 3 parts that make up TEAM M GRILLS. Starting from the top we have M ELITE - the highest level of achievement that features the best of the best. Next is Team M Grills - the chosen few to represent the M Grills brand. Last but not least, The M Grills Army. This is the largest group of Team M Grills that features every person who supports M Grills and everything we do. Whether you are an inspiring competition cook or want nothing more than cooking for your friends and family on your M Grills products. We appreciate every single one of you and welcome you to the M Grills Army!



Sandy Brown - 2020 SCA Points Chase Champion - 2021 SCA Perfect Score - Stress Relief BBQ


Tim Brown - 2021 SCA Points Chase Champion - Stress Relief BBQ


Marissa Ouverson - 2020 SCA World Champion 


James Cruse - 2021 World Champion Memphis in May 


Matt Ouverson - 2019 SCA Points Champion - 2020 SCA Perfect Score - Wicked Pig


Tim Van Doren - 


Rusty Hadacek - 2021 SCA Points Runner Up


Jeff Jacobsen - 2021 Top 20 SCA Points


Craig Carter - 2X Culinary Fight Club Champion and FoodNetworks Chopped


Mark Huntley - 2021 Top 20 SCA Points 


Raymond Patterson - 2021 Top 23 SCA Points


Kyle Matuszewski - Top 10 SCA Ancillary Points - Your Behind BBQ Seasonings


Scott MacDonald - Sinister Steak Company 


Lindsey McDonald - 2021 Top 15 SCA Points - Sinister Steak Company 


Marc Seimers - 2021 Top 20 SCA Points


Matthew Staunton - Smoking Coals BBQ - Australia



Nate Benson - Top 10 Finisher World Food Championships


Rick Bocanegra - We Dem Boyz BBQ


Ashley Henson - Triple G Grillers - Co Host at Old School with Mark & Ashley


Lee Coronado - That's the One Barbeque Seasonings


Rick Manzi - Team AnonymousQ


Jana Mays - Flappin in the Breeze BBQ


Michael Narvaez  - Fat Monkey BBQ


Clint Burns -  Hotty Totty Seasonings 


Ben Holder - Yetti BBQ


Lauren & Jimmy Ragland - SmokeTales BBQ 


Brian Denney - Pit Pirates BBQ


Mwayne "Tut" Tutton - Big Hat Steak


Dustin Marion - Team Prime 6 / Wicked Pig


Bobby Griffin - Smoke Signal Cookers


BJ Green - Bison Grillers


Chad Barragan - Locked Up BBQ


Doug Homann - Boozin' Bucs BBQ 


Charles Dabbs - Just a Dab Will Do Ya BBQ


Jason & Alta Hertz - RJ’s Smokehouse and BBQ Joint


Morgan Strunk 


Daniel Peatrowsky - Tactical Smoke


Jared & Kassie Williams - Gars, Chars & Barks BBQ Team


Austin and Adalyn - Jr. Bucs Kids Que BBQ Team



YOU! We salute you, M Grills Army.




Interested in becoming a part of Team M Grills? Send your information to for reviewal.