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M Grills

M Grills Stainless Steel Steak and Burger Press

M Grills Stainless Steel Steak and Burger Press

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The M Grills ALL STAINLESS STEEL Steak and Burger Press.



We offer our Steak and Burger Press in 2 different weights. The 2lb is perfect for competition use where you are not wanting to put pressure on your steak, but rather just want your steak to lay flat with no curling. The 3lb press is perfect for typical every day steak cooking and better use as a burger and bacon press. The extra weight helps for better all around performance. The 3lb is our "go to" for home cooking. 

Purchase either the 2lb Press, 3lb Press, or 1 handle with both plates that you can choose to set up however you like.


The Steak and Burger Press now features a powder coated black handle instead of the polished stainless steel. The handle tubing is still stainless steel and the black powder coat offers a beautiful contrast and distinctive look to our press. 

Our Steak and Burger Press features a solid 304 stainless steel plate with 4 probe holes to use with any probe style thermometer. This allows you to check your meat's internal temp while using your press.

Dimensions: 8" X 8" Coverage. 

Weight: There are now 2 weight options available. A total weight of 2lbs or 3lbs. The only difference is the thickness of the steel plate. 


Solid 304 stainless steel plate.

Thick 12 gauge steel powder coated handle bracket with 304 stainless steel tubing.

304 stainless steel fasteners. 

*For customers who currently own the original 3lb Steak Press and want the 2lb version. You can simply just purchase the lighter weight plate and use the existing handle for both! Send us an email if you simply just want to purchase the extra plate. 





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