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The Side Arm

The Side Arm

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This all stainless steel tool is a great alternative to wire grill cleaning brushes. We have heard the horror stories of metal wire brushes leaving bristles behind and sticking on bbq grates while cleaning. These bristles can stick on your food and if ingested can leave scars for life. Throw your bristled brushes away and pick yourself up The Side Arm by M Grills.

The Side Arm is also a great mini spatula and bottle opener! It's the perfect tool to add to your bbq arsenal. 

Designed to fit  GRILLGRATE BRAND Panels. 

We recommend when using on GRILLGRATE Panels, carefully scrape down each panel lightly. Hold the tool vertically to scrape down in the bottom valley's and angle the tool to scrape the tall rails. Avoid the valley's where the panels join together.

 Made of 304 stainless steel in the USA! 

Dishwasher safe.


 *Patent Pending*




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