How Your Grill is Shipped

**Premium Products Demand Premium Care and Attention to Detail**

That philosophy follows your new grill from the moment we begin to manufacture all the way to your door. Once we put your grill in the hands of one of our preferred LTL (less than truckload) carriers, we want to be certain that it will arrive to you safely, in the condition you expect.  

The standard LTL shipping service we offer includes:

  1. Delivery appointment - you will be contacted by the local freight terminal to schedule a delivery appointment that is convenient for you.  You, or someone you trust, must be there to sign upon delivery.
  2. Residential delivery - there is a premium for delivery to a residential address.
  3. Liftgate delivery - your grill will be brought safely to the ground at your driveway.

Your grill will arrive ~95% assembled.  Grilling is supposed to be fun and your time is valuable.  After years of trial and error, we have learned that shipping our heavy-duty grills nearly fully assembled creates the very best customer experience for you.  

Boxes conceal damage and offer almost no structural integrity - we don’t use them.  Your new grill will arrive standing up, fastened to a pallet and encased in a skeleton crate made of 1”x4” lumber.  We wrap the entire package in plastic wrap.  This method allows you to quickly spot anything out of the ordinary and gives you the opportunity for a quick yet thorough inspection, should you deem it necessary.


What to Look for When Your Grill Arrives

Damage to the outer packaging.  Whether it’s a broken board or punctured plastic, any damage to the outer packaging gives you the right to a thorough inspection.  Please make the driver aware of the damaged packaging and proceed to cut the plastic wrap to inspect the grill further.  No damage to the outer packaging indicates successful travel to you.  Go ahead and sign and enjoy your new grill!  

If You Find Damage on Your Grill

Don’t sign!  If your grill is damaged you do not have to accept it.  It is your choice to accept or reject the shipment.  If you are comfortable with the damage on the unit, you can note the damage on the paperwork and sign for the delivery.  If you prefer to not accept the package, you simply do not sign and give us a call - we will ship you a brand new grill.  

We do everything in our power to ensure safe travels enroute to you.  LTL freight is not perfect and damage is possible.  Our number one priority is that you receive the item you ordered in the condition you expect.  Please be cautious and take the time you need prior to signing.

There are other freight options that LTL companies offer.  If you would like to explore those options and some possible savings, please feel free to contact us over the phone at 402-223-0211.  We handle those instances on a case-by-case basis to fit your needs or budget as best we can.