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M16 Smoker Attachment

M16 Smoker Attachment

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Easily transform your American Made M16 Competition Charcoal Grill into a top-tier reverse airflow indirect smoker with this attachment. Crafted for both home grill enthusiasts and serious competitors, its unique reverse airflow design eliminates the need for a diffuser plate, ensuring consistent heat distribution from edge to edge with fewer hot spots. Whether you're smoking large cuts or delicate dishes, precision temperature control is at your fingertips with gasket-sealed firebox doors and an airtight construction. Built to last, the attachment features a durable 16-gauge mild steel body with stainless steel fasteners and hinges, all coated in CERAKOTE Sniper Grey for long-lasting durability. Take the best performing charcoal grill on the market, a multi World Champion caliber cooking machine, and transform it into a true indirect smoker!

  • Smaller than a drum smoker and easy to transport
  • Easy access firebox door for adding additional fuel
  • No drop-in diffuser plate reducing hot spots
  • Gasket sealed to ensure high performance grilling
  • Room for full restaurant pan on top of baffle, but under the grates

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Quickly and Easily Transform Your M16 Grill Into a Bonafide Smoker

The M16 Smoker Attachment seamlessly integrates with your M16 Charcoal Grill, making the transition from grilling to smoking a simple process. To attach the smoker, simply slide the lid of your M16 off and then the attachment slides on using the same connector. Once it on, just connect the M16 lid and then your championship caliber grill is now your championship caliber smoker.

  • Can be easily setup in minutes
  • Gasket sealed to ensure high-quality cooking environment
  • Turns your M16 into multifunctional cooker

Gasket Sealed Large Firebox Door

The smoker attachment features a large, gasket sealed firebox door to make your life while smoking much easier. The fact that it is gasket sealed helps ensure you are maintaining the best possible smoking environment, reducing heat and smoke leaks. The size and location of the firebox door makes it easy to add large wood chunks and fuel during those long smokes.

  • Gasket sealed for optimum cooking environment
  • Easily add large cooking fuels to firebox during smokes

American Made Quality Built to Last

The M16 Smoker Accessory features a 16 gauge mild steel body with stainless steel fasteners and hinge, all sourced and made in America. The body is painted with CERAKOTE Sniper Grey. CERAKOTE is the industry leader in ceramic coatings. This coating is rated at 1200 degrees and is extremely durable in all environments. Do not get this confused with standard high temperature paints that fade well before their high temperature rating as well as UV lighting. CERAKOTE is used in extreme conditions from firearms, automotive wheels, engine parts, and gym equipment.

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