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C4 Portable, Insulated Charcoal Grill

C4 Portable, Insulated Charcoal Grill

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Say hello to the C4 Portable Charcoal Grill, your American made versatile grilling companion. Whether you're a competition griller, weekend warrior, tailgate enthusiast, or simply looking for an agile grill for small meals, the C4 can do it all. Manufactured with 16-guage, 304 stainless steel, it's as efficient a cooker as the larger grills and is designed for those who have a passion for the quality of BBQ cooking with charcoal produces. Its compact size makes it a breeze to transport the grill to your next BBQ competition, camping trip, hunting, or fishing trips. With the C4, you can master the art of grilling wherever adventure takes you.

  • Manufactured in American using American steel
  • Dual intake dampers on front and back allow for precision cooking
  • Stainless steel insulation sleeve allows for maximum burning fuel efficiency
  • High quality construction for precision cooking that will last a very long time
  • Personalize your C4 with a range of vibrant color options

We highly recommend only using the minimum amount of charcoal inside the sleeve and never filling it up over half way. Usually no more than 8 to 12 charcoal briquettes. Over filling the charcoal sleeve can damage the powder coated finish. If you like to get your grills extremely hot (600 degrees at the grate or more), we recommend going with the Polished Stainless Steel finish. Always start with a minimum amount of charcoal (12 briquettes or thin layer of small lump charcoal).

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Experience Professional-Level Grilling

Dual Damper System for Precise Airflow Control

The C4 Portable Grill introduces a cutting-edge Dual Bottom Damper system, setting it apart from the competition. These dual dampers are strategically placed on both the front and back sides of the grill, offering you precise control over airflow and even grilling temperatures. This system significantly enhances airflow, which runs entirely beneath the charcoal grate, and is easily adjustable with dual stainless steel damper covers.

  • The C4's dual bottom dampers allow you to have unmatched control over your grill's airflow and achieve consistent temperatures across the cooking surface.
  • Strategically located on the front and back sides of the grill, these dampers ensure unobstructed airflow and even temperature distribution.
  • Fine-tune the airflow, making it easy to control the temperature for various cooking styles and recipes.

Efficient Grilling With Less Charcoal

The C4's insulation sleeve is one of the features that makes this small grill so powerful. Not only does it offer outstanding insulation and exterior protection, but it also enhances fuel efficiency. With just 8 small charcoal briquettes, you can fire up your C4 Portable Grill for a quick meal, or load it with 15 to 18 briquettes to reach those high-temperature searing levels when you're in the mood for steak. Even with a thin layer of lump charcoal, you can achieve grill temperatures of up to a blistering 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Measuring 7.5” x 9.25” x 4”, this sleeve significantly elevates the C4's grate temperatures while using only a modest amount of charcoal, ensuring economical and precise grilling every time.

Built to Cook Perfectly for Years

Crafted from 16-gauge 304 stainless steel, this portable grill is built for the long haul. Whether you're cooking in the wild or the heart of your backyard, the C4's robust construction ensures it can weather any culinary challenge. This includes the grill grates, which bear the brunt of the grilling process. Say goodbye to flimsy, nickel or porcelain rust-prone grates, and hello to a 1/4" 304 solid stainless steel cooking surface that's designed to last a lifetime.

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Product Dimensions

Total height:
Total width:
Total length:
Cooking area:
11" x 9.5"
Grate Size:
10.25" x 9.25"
Distance between Grates:
Weight with Grates:
19 lbs
Weight without Grates:
14 lbs