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C4 Portable Grill

C4 Portable Grill

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The C4 Portable Grill is the perfect grill for camping, tailgating, hunting, empty nesters, apartment living, taking to the beach, job sites, off-roading, and competition grilling. You can even take your C4 Portable Grill on most airlines as carry on! Sometimes firing up your large charcoal grill is overkill for a small meal. Fire up the C4 instead!

All New Dual Intake Stainless Steel Body
Dual Intake

The C4's body includes dual intake dampers on both the front and back side of the grill. This allows more control of your airflow and even grate temperatures. The airflow has been greatly improved by completely running underneath the charcoal grate and easy to control with its dual stainless damper covers. 

The All New 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Charcoal Insulation Sleeve.
Insulator Sleeve

This new sleeve not only insulates your C4 and protects the exterior, but makes youTher C4 even more fuel efficient. You can fire up your C4 Portable Grill with as little as 8 smaller size charcoal briquettes or up to 15 to 18 briquettes of charcoal for higher steak searing temperatures. Even a thin layer of lump charcoal can reach grate temperatures of up to 600 degrees! This 7.5” X 9.25” X 4” sleeve greatly improves the C4 grate temperatures with very little charcoal. 

1/4" Thick 304 Stainless Steel Grates.
Stainless Grates

We all know the first thing to usually replace on your charcoal grill is the grates. Nickel and porcelain coated grates eventually crack exposing rusted steel underneath. We make our grates in house from thick 1/4” 304 stainless steel. These grates should last a lifetime!


16 gauge 304 stainless steel body, legs, and damper covers. 

304 stainless steel handle, hinge, fasteners and nameplate.

 Steel latch with comfortable red rubber tip.


Total height: 13.125"
Total width: 10"
Total length: 13"
Cooking area: 11" x 9.5"
Grate Size: 10.25" x 9.25" 
Distance between Grates: 4.75"
Weight with Grates: 19lbs
Weight without Grates: 14lbs

Choose your color! We offer the C4 Portable Grill in a variety of colors.


We highly recommend only using the minimum amount of charcoal inside the sleeve and never filling it up over half way. Usually no more than 8 to 12 charcoal briquettes. Over filling the charcoal sleeve can damage the powder coated finish. If you like to get your grills extremely hot (600 degrees at the grate or more), we recommend going with the Polished Stainless Steel finish. Always start with a minimum amount of charcoal (12 briquettes or thin layer of small lump charcoal).  

 *Current Lead Time:  Up to 2 weeks.

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