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M16 Grunt or Cerakote

M16 Grunt or Cerakote

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Introducing the M16 Grunt. Stripped of its stainless steel exterior, this grill stands tough, ready to deliver exceptional performance without the frills. Crafted from 12-gauge raw carbon steel and welded solid, the M16 Grunt is a rugged cooking companion designed for serious grillers. To maintain its appearance, a light coating of linseed oil is recommended to season the exterior.

Upgrade to the Cerakote option to customize your M16 with a layer of industry-leading thin ceramic coating, providing both a personal touch and added protection. Ideal for backyards, tailgates, and competitions, the M16 Grunt pairs perfectly with our folding/height adjustable cart, featuring a thick 12-gauge raw carbon steel top and black powder-coated legs for durability in any setting.


  • Easily transport to events
  • Ability to customize your grill with Cerakote
  • Black powder coated handles and lid straps
  • Heavy-duty charcoal basket for optimum airflow and performance
  • Complete set of 4 GRILLGRATE Brand Panels with Spatula
  • Made in USA

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Experience Professional-Level Grilling

QUAD Damper System for Precise Airflow Control

The M16 Grunt charcoal grill's QUAD Damper system produces unparalleled performance. Featuring Dual Bottom Dampers strategically positioned on the sides of the bottom base and beneath the charcoal basket, airflow remains unimpeded by debris or ash, ensuring a consistent, uniform flow of clean air. Moreover, the Lid's Dual exhaust dampers facilitate the circulation of heat around your food, resulting in a perfectly even cook.

Advantages and Features of the M16 Grunt's Damper System:

  • QUAD Damper system for precise airflow and temperature control
  • Dual bottom dampers strategically positioned for optimal air circulation
  • Dual exhaust dampers on the lid for unrestricted heat distribution
  • Full control of all 4 dampers ensures even heat coverage across the cooking area

Gasket Sealed for Optimum Charcoal & Smoker Performance

The M16 Grunt charcoal grill's gasket sealed lid is designed for precise temperature control, allowing the dampers to manage cooking conditions effectively. With a focus on eliminating unwanted air gusts and heat leakage, this grill ensures optimal cooking conditions for efficient smoking with minimal charcoal consumption. Its sturdy steel construction promises durability and sustained performance, enabling grilling enthusiasts to achieve the desired results with ease.

Advantages and Features of the M16 Grunt's Gasket Sealed Lid:

  • Designed for precise temperature control with gasket sealed lid
  • Dampers manage cooking conditions effectively for consistent results
  • Eliminates unwanted air gusts and heat leakage for optimal cooking conditions
  • Enables efficient smoking with minimal charcoal usage
  • Sturdy steel construction ensures durability and sustained performance

Built to Cook Perfectly for Years

Many grill manufacturers claim their products are "built like a tank," but the M16 Grunt truly lives up to that statement. Made from 12 gauge mild steel with heavy duty charcoal baskets, the M16 Grunt is designed for long-lasting durability and exceptional heat retention. Its solid construction and lack of cheap plastic or nickel plated parts make it a worthwhile investment for serious grillers.

Advantages and features of the M16 Grunt's solid construction:

  • Made from 12 gauge mild steel for long-lasting durability
  • Heavy duty charcoal baskets ensure consistent heat distribution
  • Completed welded solid for exceptional heat retention and durability
  • Solid stainless steel fasteners and hinges for added strength and reliability
  • Portability

    The M16 can easily be broken down for competitions or simply tailgating with your friends. The Lid features two stainless steel hinges that allow you to slide it off the base to lighten your load for easy transporting. Quickly remove the charcoal basket and ash pan for an even lighter load.

  • Sidearm

    Looking for a way to clean those GrillGrate Brand Panels easily and safely? Grab our stainless steel Side Arm and scrape those Grill Grate Panels clean! No bristles to fall off on your cooking surface. The Side Arm also features a handy bottle opener.

  • GrillGrate Brand Panels Standard

    The M16 was the first charcoal grill to come standard with Grill Grate Brand Panels. The M16 also has 1/4” thick 304 stainless steel grates available! The Grill Grates provide the following benefits: No Flare Ups, Even Heat Distribution, Juicier Food, More Flavor, Perfect Sear Marks, Reversible - Use as flat top surface

  • Grate Removal Tools

    We have developed the perfect tools for removing your stainless cooking grates and Grill Grate Brand Panels! These tools also are wonderful for moving charcoal around for even heat. They have so much use we suggest these tools with every charcoal grill on the market! A definite must have! 1 set comes with 2 304 stainless steel tools.

Accessories & Add-ons

Product Dimensions

Lid Total Dimensions:
20.28" width x 19.25" length (including handle) x 10.5" height : Weight 28 lbs
Bottom Total Dimensions:
26.75" width (including handles) x 16" length x 10" height : Weight 39 lbs
Removable Coal Basket:
17.25" width x 12" length x 3.5" height : Weight 19 lbs
Removable Ash Pan:
15.5" width x 8.5" length x 1.5" height : Weight 2 lbs
Grate Height with Lid Open from the Ground:
Total Cooking Surface:
275 sq. in.
Total Weight of Grill:
88 lbs