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The Over-Under

The Over-Under

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Introducing the 'Over-Under' from M Grills.  

With an overall height of 4.5", the 'Over-Under' can easily store inside the new model C4 Portable Grills! This is the same 'Over-Under' included in the C4-SCA Package.

Instantly transform your charcoal grill into a slow cooking oven with this all stainless steel portable hood. It's perfect to use on our C4 Stainless Steel Portable Grill or virtually any charcoal grill on the market. 

For Steak Cooking, it's perfect for gradually getting your steak up to perfect internal temperature after searing!

Our design lets you use a temperature probe device to check the internal temperature of your food while using this stainless steel hood. 

This all 304 stainless steel device features a monstrous 1/4" thick 304 stainless steel removable grate. 


Overall Length: 10.75"

Overall Height: 4.625" 

Overall Width: 9.25"

Top Cooking Zone: 2.5" clearance

Below Cooking Zone: 4.25" clearance

Weight: 6.7lbs

Grate: 10.5" X 9" 1/4" thick 304 Stainless Steel Rods.


*Patent Pending*


The Over-Under is perfect for The Steak Cookoff Association. Once you get your high heat sear, simply put your steak in The Over-Under and place over your hot grill grates. Your steak will slowly come up to your ideal internal temperature with ease. You can leave an instant read temperature probe in your steak through the top to nail that perfect doneness every time! This method is far better than having to open and close a lid every time to check your steak temperature. With The Over-Under, you won't miss that perfect internal temperature as the radiant heat from the stainless steel warms your steak to perfection! Watch our demo video on how we use The Over-Under.

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