Why Choose M Grills?

Why choose an M Grill over any other grill?

Material and Build Quality

Go to any grill and simply lift the lid. The first thing you will notice in a poorly constructed and cheap material grill is the flimsy lid and hinges. If the brand new grill is already wobbling in your hand, just think what it’s going to be like in 2-3 years after use. With M Grills, there is no wobbling from thin materials and weak hinges. We do not use thin sheet metal on our grills that is held together with screws. We use only thick welded steel and extremely heavy duty hinges so your grill will last for MANY years. We want your grill to last you generations. Most grills use thin 16 to 18 gauge steel that are stamped to their desired shape. This thin material does not hold up well over time nor does it retain heat well. We use thick 12 gauge steel on Texas Tailgater and Little Hoss, and even thicker 10 gauge steel on the Boss Hoss, Chief, and M1. This thick metal retains heat far better and makes the grill last much longer.

Fuel Savings

When shopping for a nice grill and smoker, check around the grill for any open gaps. If there are any open gaps around the lid of the grill, even if the lid overlaps the bottom; you can assure that the grill will not hold in heat very well. The same goes for doors and latches. With a M Grill, you will be using much less charcoal over time due to minimal gaps and thick material. Our grills have a nice fitment and every seam is welded and hand ground to a nice finish. When you are finished grilling, simply shut your lid and close up the top and bottom vents. The coals will go out pretty quickly, leaving you a pile of coals to re-use for your next grilling.
Stainless Steel Grates

There is only one thing you need to know about cooking grates and that is stainless steel is the best, period. When we set out to make our grates, we tested many different popular styles that you see with other grill companies. Porcelain coated, nickel plated, expanded metal, cast iron you name it. When it was all said and done, we knew 304 stainless steel is the way to go. Porcelain coated grates start to crack and chip over time leaving a rusty piece of metal touching your food, along with the possibility of ingesting the porcelain cracked pieces. Chrome and Nickel-plated grates just do not last long. You will be replacing your grates often. The same goes with expanded metal and cast iron. If there is any substantial amount of time that you will not be using your grill, you will likely have a surprise of rusted grates waiting for you the next time you cook. M Grills only comes with thick 1/4” stainless steel cooking grates.

Handcrafted in Texas

We build each grill by hand in Mesquite, Texas; not in some factory over seas. We are proud to say we are American Made. M Grills are made in our machine shop facility that has been in business since 1986. We have been around awhile and we know how to build things right. Our mission is to build the best backyard-grilling tool and I think we did so. We hope you do, too.