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AmazingRibs.com awarded the M1 The Top 10 Multifunctional Grill and Smoker for 2016 and 2017. M Grills received the AmazingRibs.com Best Value Gold Medal for 2 years in a row. 
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First saw the M1 by M Grills via social media outlets about a year ago. Something about it grabbed my interest immediately.  I have cooked on numerous styles of grills/smokers over many years... kettles, gas grills, ceramic kamado's, pellet smokers, offset smokers, Hasty Bakes, bullet smokers, etc.  

I think what really grabbed my attention at first was the clean design of the M1.  If there were such a thing as grill/smoker eye candy, the M1 would be at the top of the list. But just because it had the look... didn't necessarily mean that it had any substance to it.  So, armed with nothing more then a strong interest in this cooker, I began to dig.  Being it's a fairly new cooker, there isn't a ton of info on the web yet. Coming to that realization, I began to identify every M1 owner I could through a couple of different BBQ forums that I participate in.  Sent each owner a private message, asking for unbiased/unfiltered/real-world feedback.  Well, the feedback started coming in... and I was thrilled to see that it was 99.99% positive.

With that new information, I then decided to contact M Grills with a small laundry list of questions that I had.  That is when I met Travis.  WOW!!  Responsive and patient are the first 2 words that come to mind.  Every question was answered, often times with pics included.  Bottom line, I found the customer service to be invaluable as I was trying to wrap my mind around this cooker.

Fast forward a couple of months into my investigation, and I finally arrived at the point that I was ready to pull the trigger.  BAM, and it was done!  3 weeks later, and I arrived home early from work to be greeted by the delivery truck driver. Within a few minutes, I had a large boxed crate sitting in my garage.  This would be the 1st time my eyes had seen an M1 in person.  The crating itself spoke loudly to the overall quality of an M Grill... very well packaged, with a built in roll-down ramp, which made un-crating effortless.  

I'll just cut to the chase... I have now had it for about 2 months, and I am beyond pleased.  The look, performance and quality of construction are no joke!! 

If you are in the market for a new grill/smoker combo unit... one that'll perform like a dream and last for a loooooong time, I can honestly recommend the M1 with zero hesitation :-)




Hi, I just received my new M1 Grill/Smoker last week that I ordered through BPS.  I love this pit.  The fit and finish on this beast is second to none.  The welds are spotless.  I spent the weekend breaking it in and could not be happier.  To say it is Air tight would be an understatement.  I smoked with a water pan and without and it holds temps perfectly.  You packaging is also great, the built in ramp is a great idea.  Feel free to use my name or have anyone on the fence contact me I would love to tell them how great your pit is.  I am retired from the KCBS circuit so I have tried or seen everything out there.  

I received my M1 a couple weeks ago and have completed a few cooks on it.  I already own several outdoor cookers including a ceramic, small offset, barrel and kettle types.  Even though I like and use them all I wanted a true stick burner using real wood (not chunks).  My deck doesn’t have much space so I needed a small footprint, plus I wanted something with high build quality.  The price of the M1 gave me some pause but I finally pulled the trigger - I've been watching the M1 YouTube videos and it’s built and performs as advertised.

 Firstly, this thing is a beast - my brother came over to check it out, opened the lid and said ‘whoa’ – it’s really heavy duty and I have no doubt about it’s longevity.  The fire management is easy while still being fun – maybe every 1-1.5hrs if I saw the temps start to drop I’d add another split and every once in awhile poke the coals around.  Temps were stable throughout the cook with not much effort. 

 Finally, the food I’ve cooked on it has been excellent – the wood flavor really comes through (I used oak) and my family and friends all commented on the flavor of the ribs I served them.  I’ve made them a lot of Q over the years but I don’t think they had ever had real wood smoked BBQ before and it made me feel like I served them something special. 

I'll be keeping all my cookers but I love the M1 - it really fit the bill for what I was looking for.

New York

  • Fuel Efficiency - excellent. It's the only charcoal grill I've owned where once you shut the vents down the fire gets put out quickly, and you can definitely reuse charcoal. I've found that since I got the M1 I've been using way less charcoal than normal (I'm a lump guy and hate using brickettes).
  • Ease of Temperature Control - excellent. As a reverse airflow smoker, the M1 literally wants to stay at BBQ temperatures, and I've never had any issues getting the pit where I want it (I normally bbq around 275). As a grill, I've had no problems getting to searing temperatures as well as medium - high indirect temperatures.
  • Insulation - incredible. This thing will literally stay hot for hours with minimal effort (it's 10 gauge steel, so it's very heavy duty).
  • Versatility - incredible. You described many of the same buying points that I had when I was first considering getting the M1. I've done quite a few cooks on the M1 and all came out great (grilled steaks, tri-tip, burgers, wings, and smoked pulled pork and ribs using only the firebox). The handcrank is AMAZING for grilling / roasting thicker cuts of meat without burning the outside.
  • Design - bad ass. Honestly the M1 looks amazing on my deck. It's just a mean looking pit and performs very well.
  • Customer Service - I've had a few questions on the M1 so far, and the owner has been in close contact with me numerous times to help answer my questions. They're a fantastic company and you won't regret it if you purchase the M1.


I received my new M1 Grill / Smoker and was very pleasantly surprised.  The build quality is second to none (heavy duty) showing that a lot of engineering and attention to detail went into it.  I have used it everyday since I got it, fixing the following foods;
  • Hamburgers (good results)
  • Steaks 2” thick (very good results)
  • Papa Murphy’s pizza on a pizza stone (excellent results)
  • Baby back ribs (ok but I need practice)
  • St Louis style ribs (ok but I need practice)
  • chicken (excellent results)
I have owned the following grills / smokers with mixed results & satisfaction.
  • Big Green Egg (too many compromises)
  • TEC Infrared (not very good temp control)
  • Fire Magic (good grill for LPG)
  • Lynx (hard to keep clean)
  • Twin Eagles (ok)
  • EVO (one dimensional)
  • Weber Kettle (good grill)
  • Memphis Pro Pellet Grill (very good but had to have electric power available)
  • Yoder Pellet (bad electronics)
  • Wolf (bad service)
My M1 Grill has the least amount of compromises and is built to last a very long time.  As a lead Aerospace auditor, quality & performance is what I was looking for.

I've had the M1 for a little over a week. I've done 2 smokes and several grill sessions. All in all, I'm very happy with the purchase. It really is the best of both worlds, being able to smoke just like a reverse flow offset and a full Hastybake style charcoal grill.

It did a great job grilling burgers and veggies. It also did great with greek kabobs. It's very fuel efficient in that you can close it up after grilling to quickly put out the coals. Next time you want to grill, you can light a half chimney and dump it on what's left from the last cook. On my overnight smoke, I took what was left on the charcoal grate and dumped it into the fire basket to start the coal bed.

It also did great on my overnight smoke. I was able to go 1 to 1.5 hours between adding sticks, depending on the size. It did a great job holding temperature. The one exception was when I put in a smaller stick and took a 1.5 hour nap. The coal bed got pretty low and the temp dipped to 220. I had to babysit it for a bit after that. Lesson learned. Other than that, I was able to just thrown on a new stick, close the door and walk away. Nice thin blue smoke almost immediately and held right around 260.

The one thing I haven't yet tried is using it like a set and forget charcoal cooker. I want to see how long it will go before I need to tend to the fire if I want to be lazy on an overnight cook. That probably won't happen for a few weeks though.

I started with a 12lb brisket, 2 7lb butts that I threw on around 1:30AM. At 10 the next morning, I threw on a fatty stuffed with cheddar and hatch chilis. The brisket came off at 11 when it was probe tender. The butts came off at 12 when they hit 195. The burnt ends went on at that point. Everything was off and in a faux cambro around 2. Then I started the grill and cooked some wings around 3. All the food was out and ready to serve at 4. The timing was perfect.
Dan - Owner of Sucklebusters BBQ Rubs and Sauces

Hey folks - I want to give a shout out to Travis @ M-Grills, from Mesquite TX. I had the pleasure of cooking on this smoker/grill last Saturday. I don't recall doing much - that's because I asked Travis if we could cook at about 225 degrees. BAM. 15 minutes later we are holding a steady 225 degrees. And we held 225 degrees all day long in 40's degree weather, cold, and wind blowing directly in our faces. When we were ready to leave at 3PM, she was still holding steady right at 225. We held briskets + cooked links and such all day. The reason it held steady all day is because of the design and quality in which Travis builds these units. When you lift the lid, oh-yeah, heavy 10 gage steel. You can literally feel the quality. The M-1 has a lower cook chamber - end loading with a baffle/deflector shield. We poured good smoke into the cooking chamber, burning oak logs. It also has a separate upper grill grate that adjusts up and down which sits above the deflector. + They are made in Texas, right here in Mesquite Texas and made by Travis. For the money you would spend on a ceramic or high end gas grill - you can get a high quality smoker and a grill + a whole bunch more cooking room with double racks for smoking. If you cant tell - I REALLY like the M-Grill - they are available at Elliots in Plano. Do yourself a favor if you are in the market for something that will outlast you & check out the M1. BTW, Travis is a heck of a nice guy and pours his family's legacy into everyone he builds. This is truly a small business doing things right.

Andrew - Good Trade Cookers - Competitive Cook-Off Team

Finished up cooking a brisket and pork shoulder today on the M1 by M Grills. I can honestly say that this pit is the real deal. It is built extremely well, with nothing but the best of materials. Slow smoked with Pecan in the firebox, and it held constant temperature through the entire cook. Great consistent smoke across the meat, and I could throw a stick on and walk away without the hassle of worrying about temperatures spiking or losing heat. The meat was extremely tender and juicy, and a great smoked flavor. Looking forward to cooking on this grill for our upcoming BBQ cookoffs. Thank you for a great product!

I used my smoker for the first time on Thanksgiving day to smoke a brisket and a pork shoulder. Here's the main thing I learned, it takes some time to build a good sustainable fire in the fire box! I might have already learned that with my previous smoker, but since it's been over 12 years since I've had a smoker, I guess I forgot that part! LOL So once I had a good base of hot coals in my firebox, the rest was a cinch! Despite it being VERY windy, I found that the M1 was relatively easy to maintain a constant 225 degrees! In fact, I was working hard to get it to 275 when I decided to look up on the net the ideal temperature, and it said 225. So the M1 knew where to go and I was trying to make it hotter! LOL Dang grill is smarter than me! Anyway, the brisket and pork shoulder were perfect!!! I'm sure glad 'cause it WAS Thanksgiving. Not a good day for a FAIL! LOL I used charcoal to get it started, then maple and plum wood for the smoking! Awesome! Oh, and I lined the bottom with heavy foil and placed a broiler pan on the charcoal grate and filled it with water! The meat was nice and moist, and just fell apart! Thanks again for a well designed smoker!

I love my M1. I had a small issue and M Grills customer service was incredible. They did everything they could to make sure I continued being happy with my purchase. For a company that sells a "lifetime" product, there service and product is out of this world. Thank you.



Awesome ribs smoked to perfection on the M1!! First time smoking on it and they were fall off the bone moist!! Easy to use and very easy to maintain the temperature!! LOVE my M Grill!! 


Mark Avalos
Slab BBQ & Beer LLC


Man I want to say "Thank you" for creating the M1 I'm in love with the versatility and the build of it.  It has replaced my PK and my drum.   I've grilled on it with Charcoal, grilled on it with just wood splits, and smoked with it using the firebox....it truly is a beast!!


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