Absolutely the Best!

Absolutely the Best!

The best charcoal grill and wood smoker on the market, hands down.

The M1 is simply the most versatile charcoal grill and wood smoker on the market all wrapped up in a traditional, yet modern design to fit on your back porch or patio. 

The best thing about the M1 is that it does not take up a lot of room. Have the best wood smoker and fully adjustable charcoal grill all wrapped in 1 small unit. Don't let the small footprint fool you, you can smoke up to 3 full size briskets on the M1. There is also plenty of lid clearance for cooking beer can chickens or even full size turkeys. That’s more smoking space than the XXL Big Green Egg and for far less money! Plus, you do not need to purchase any extra accessories to start smoking. Most smokers at big box stores are made from cheap materials which are very thin and have horrible fitment. If you look at other grills on the market, lids do not fit tight, hinges are weak, and the metal they use is as thin as a tin can. The M1 has none of that. The entire grill is made from sheets of thick 10 gauge steel that is handcrafted into this backyard masterpiece. Each lid is custom fitted to the body to ensure they are snug and tight. 

The firebox is incorporated inside the smoker and separated with a fully welded baffle in a reverse airflow configuration. The firebox door is made from 1/4” thick steel that will last a lifetime. The charcoal/wood basket can easily slide out for easy loading with its beefy rail system. The basket is large enough to accommodate large chunks of wood for true wood smoking. We prefer to use natural lump charcoal for the initial heat up and switch to wood for the remainder of your cook for best flavor. At M Grills, we fully believe the flavor is in the wood. If you are not using enough wood during your smokes, then you are limiting yourself on great flavor. You simply cannot get that from a handful of wood chips, compressed sawdust pellets or ceramic style cookers that once you set it up you cannot add any more wood to it. There’s a reason your favorite bbq joint is smoking with only wood. You should be too. It is extremely easy to do on the M1. 

The M1 is not only an amazing smoker, it’s an amazing grill!

For grilling, you have a bit more cooking space than the XL Big Green Egg. The M1 also has the added benefit of being able to control your heat instantly with the charcoal grate. Easily raise it up next to your cooking grate for a hot sear and lower the charcoal grate to the bottom to quickly take the heat source down. To do so, simply turn the solid stainless steel hand crank to the desired grate position. Since the entire M1 is fully welded and has a great seal, you can control the temperatures with the dampers very easily. When you are done grilling, close up all of your dampers and your fire will snuff out very quickly. The next time you go out to grill, just knock the ash off of your existing coals and get to cooking! You`ll be amazed at how much you will save on fuel.

No other charcoal grill is built like the M1. 

The M1 is a beautiful grill and it’s built like a tank. We designed this grill to be as tough as large high-end smokers, but have more of a modern/traditional appearance that would look great on any patio without taking up too much space. Most of our competitors use 18 gauge or thinner steel for their grills. For us, that doesn’t cut it. The M1’s body and lid are made entirely of thick 10 gauge steel that are individually hand fitted for superior a fit. The grates, handles, levers, counters, Tel-Tru thermometer, name plate, and every nut and bolt are all stainless steel. There is simply not another grill on the market built this well. Best of all,  the M1 is made completely in our shop in Mesquite, Texas by skilled metal craftsmen. 

We are proud to say we are Made in the USA, built to last, and have THE BEST backyard grill and smoker available. 


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