Smoking Perfect Ribs

Smoking Perfect Ribs

The M1 is a fantastic smoker. In my opinion, you can not beat the flavor of true wood smoking. You will not get that with compressed sawdust (pellets), wood chips, or gas. You need good size chunks of wood. The M1 is so easy to maintain smoking temperatures due to the great design and materials. There are some really great barrel style smokers out there, but some of them are not great grills for searing. The M1's design is beautiful and looks great on any patio. The M1 does it all and it's built to last!

You can follow the same easy steps for smoking anything on the M1 from full size packer briskets to pork shoulders.

Let's get on with the video.

What you`ll need.

2 (or more) racks of pork spare ribs.
Natural lump charcoal.
Chunks of Hickory or Post Oak (or combo of the two).
Water Pan (optional)
Your favorite dry rub.
Spray bottle with 50/50 ratio of apple juice and apple cider vinegar.

We recommend starting your firebox basket with lump charcoal for the initial heat up. Once your smoker temperature reaches 225 to 250 degrees, we switch from charcoal to large chunks of wood for the remainder of the cook. The flavor is exceptional.

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