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    Seasoning your new M Grill.

    M Grills have a natural steel finish interior so we highly recommend you season your new grill before use. We recommend coating the entire inside of your new grill with a light cooking oil. A cooking spray like PAM works fine. Next, start a fire with charcoal in your grill and firebox. Let the grill get up to around 350-450 degrees. Once your coals are hot, close the lid and let the heat and smoke season your grill like a cast iron skillet. You might see some moisture drip from the lid. This is normal. The raw steel will sweat off any moisture inside the new grill. Leave your vents all the way open and let your coals burn out. Now your new grill is seasoned and ready for use. You will notice the entire inside of your grill will be coated black. Do not wash this off and never spray a water hose to the inside of your grill. Now your grill is ready to cook.

    M Grills Exterior.

    Every M Grill is sandblasted before they are painted. The sandblasted metal is then painted with an industrial high temperature coating rated up to 1200 degrees (F). The painted grill is then cured in a large oven for proper paint setting. Over time, it is possible for the paint to fade if the grill is left out directly in the elements for long periods of time. Extended periods of heat and UV rays can also cause discoloration or even paint to fade in certain spots as well. We do not warranty the paint on your grill so we encourage customers to purchase our grill cover, store your grill in the shade and out of the rain to keep your grill looking great for many years.  You can purchase high temperature paint if ever needed for touch ups. Contact us for a link to purchase our exact color in spray can form.


    Always keep your firebox door closed and vent fully closed when not in use. Never get water inside your firebox. We recommend to clean out ash after every cook. To keep your firebox from sticking during long periods of non use, remove your firebox from time to time and spray a light coating of cooking oil like Pam on the rails. 

    Cleaning the lid.

    If you decide to clean the lid of any build up, make sure to completely cover the back hinge from inside the grill. Due to tight tolerances of the lids fit, any objects that may fall between the back hinge and lip will keep the lid from closing down all the way. If something is obstructing the lid from closing, do not slam the lid down! Open the lid all the way back and use a piece of cardboard, thick business card, or any plastic or metal thin flat object to scrape the full length of the area behind the lip and in between the hinge. Look down the length of the hinge from the side and make sure there is nothing obstructing the lid. After any lid cleaning, spray a light coating of cooking oil such as Pam to re-season your grill.

    M Grill Cover.

    If your grill is going to be exposed to the elements, we highly recommend purchasing an M Grill cover to keep your investment protected. We make these covers in house by hand using high grade waterproof canvas material. You will find these grill covers to fit your M Grill under the Accessories tab.

    M1 and B2 hand crank.

    The M1's hand crank is machined from solid 304 stainless steel and the threaded nut is machined from solid brass. Over time, grease and grime can stick to the threads of the crank making it tough to crank. If this happens, remove the hand crank by simply unscrewing it all the way out of the brass nut. Spray cooking oil on the threads (it does not take much) and screw it back in. This will work the grease and grime loose and make the crank screw in and out like new. 

    M1 and B2 baffle.

    Before grilling and smoking, put a layer of heavy duty aluminum foil on top of the baffle to protect from grease and ashes. This keeps the baffle mostly clean and makes it very easy to clean out.