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    The grill that started it all.

    The Texas shaped grill is a creation of my father, Mike Magee. My father, owner of Magee Machine & Mfg., built only 1 Texas grill for himself back in the mid 1980's. Fast Forward to 2015, my father and I decided to bring the original Texas grill back and make it available to the public. We decided to make it even better than the original, while keeping the overall design the same. We now make 3 different versions of the Texas shaped grill and each one is handcrafted here in Mesquite, Texas. 

    These grills are not just a novelty. They grill wonderfully and seal up nice. Once you are done grilling, just close the lid and vents and your fire will go out quickly leaving you charcoal to use for your next cookout. These Texas grills are functional works of art!

    *Patent Pending*